Pricing the Forgettable Last Five Percent

By Dr. Albert D. Bates, President, Profit Planning Group Most distributors continue to lament the pervasive, and possibly increasing, pressures on gross margin percentages. Seemingly, price is outweighing almost every other factor in the competitive arsenal. At the same time, gross margin is one of the “big two” in increasing profits for distributors (the other […]

Material Handling M&A

Three realities in Today’s Industry By Ben Rudman Despite the maturity of the material handling industry, OEMs have continued to find ways to grow and improve margins and—increasingly—that’s been through mergers and acquisitions. In today’s market, it can be tough for manufacturers to stand out. Game-changing technologies aren’t introduced on a regular basis, and differentiating […]

Facing Inflation

Keeping your company prepared for an inflationary environment By Steve Guglielmo and Mike Vaughan “The industry may be facing an inflationary environment within the next 3-5 years and members need to understand and be prepared to operate their businesses during these conditions.” – MHEDA 2015 Critical Impact Factor Number 12 The past four years have […]

Getting the Most Out of an Internship Program

By Steve Guglielmo
Designing an internship that mutually benefits the student and the company

A Treasure Chest of Employee Training

MHEDA’s Learning Management System educates employees and tracks their learning progress By Steve Guglielmo MHEDA is constantly striving to improve our offerings to members. To do this, we rely on member feedback to surveys and questionnaires about what is working and what could be better. Consistently, member companies have told us that our industry-specific educational […]

Privacy and Security

Should we just give up? By Beth Ziesenis, Your Nerdy Best Friend Perhaps it’s because technology glitches have kicked my butt this week, but today I’m very worried about the future of technology… more specifically the future of privacy and security. Well, “worried” isn’t all of it. I’m angry. And scared. And fed up. For […]

How to Get Your Online Marketing Efforts Back on Track

By Brian Bluff Over the past 18 months we have audited the online marketing efforts of over 175 distributors and manufacturers. For the most part, these companies are in the same boat – digital marketing has become more difficult than a single person or skill set can handle and the company doesn’t have a plan. […]

Collaborating to Get The Job Done

By Steve Guglielmo
MHEDA dealers and suppliers work together to solve the customer’s issue

@ Work: Tyler Truttmann

Title: Sales Engineer Company: EnerSys Location: Kansas City, MO Years on Job: 1.5 One of the things that I love about this job is that the only way to improve is by doing. I played sports all the way through high school and college and my last job prior to starting with EnerSys was actually […]

The Power of Positivity

AK Material Handling’s embrace of positivity in the work place shapes its company culture By Steve Guglielmo It’s no coincidence that Minnesota Business Magazine named AK Material Handling Systems (Maple Grove, MN) its “Ultimate Fun Office” in its 2014 100 Best Companies to Work for Awards. It’s actually by design. “We’ve built a culture here […]