Succession Planning

Twists and Turns By Jim Wilson, Principal Consultant, The McDonald Group, Inc. The subject of succession planning has bubbled up to the top of many people’s list because of the emergence of a large group of baby boomers, and those five to ten years behind whose thought and planning have turned toward retirement. A relatively […]

Turning Sales into Profit

Takeaways from MHEDA’s DiSC Report By Al Bates Every analysis of distributor profitability comes to the same conclusions: Three key factors drive profitability. Those factors are (1) the ability to increase sales a little faster than inflation, (2) the ability to maintain an adequate gross margin in the face of competitive pressures and (3) maintaining […]

Hack-Proof Your Company’s Social Media

Protect your social media sites from hackers By Ryan Holmes On Monday, Feb. 18, Burger King woke up to one whopper of a social media problem. The company’s Twitter account had been hacked—its name changed to McDonalds and its background replaced with an image of Fish McBites. In the hour it took for officials to […]

The Other Competitive Advantage

By Brant Menswar, ELC Speaker As a young leader in the manufacturing arena, you recognize the need for a detailed and well-defined process. It is the very nature of your business. In fact, the better your process, the more often it becomes the competitive advantage that separates you from the pack. We feel the same […]

Integrating Your Online Presence into a Mobile Market

By Alex Holden, ELC Presenter It’s no surprise that things change suddenly and often immediately in the online world, and staying on top of it all can prove to be quite challenging. But out of all that noise we encounter online, which articles do we need to listen to, and which ones will glean the […]

How to Talk to Someone Significantly Younger or Less Experienced Than You

By Jeff Havens, ELC Presenter Alas, you probably work with people a whole lot younger than you are. Your company, in its depressingly finite wisdom, gave these children a chance to play at being grown-ups. They haven’t been working for very long – a couple years maybe, possibly even less – and their inexperience offends […]

The Trend Toward Automation

By Steve Guglielmo
MHEDA Board Members discuss the state of automation and where the industry is headed

An Interactive Experience

GTCC gives students a hands-on introduction to Logistics By Steve Guglielmo Difficulty attracting young, skilled labor is a plight that all MHEDA members are familiar with. MHEDA’s 4th Critical Impact Factor for 2015 states, “The industry is facing a shortage of skilled labor and this trend will continue as existing employees retire. Additionally, skill sets […]

Celebrating Material Handling Rock Stars

By Steve Guglielmo
MHEDA Members nominate their peers as industry rock stars

MHEDA Suppliers Recognize Dealers of Distinction

MHEDA is proud to recognize its members who have been identified by their manufacturers and suppliers as dealers of distinction. MHEDA distributors are routinely ranked among the best in the world. The discount programs, education and networking opportunities, publications and more that the Association offers are valuable resources for material handling distributors. With MHEDA’s resources […]