2018 Sales Success Stories: Unique Solutions to Unique Challenges

MHEDA members are known throughout the industry for taking on any challenge, big or small. But what differentiates a MHEDA member from other companies is the willingness and aptitude to tackle the unexpected obstacles. Unique challenges require unique solutions and our members have the experience to bring those solutions to life. Read the 2018 Sales […]

How to Get Your Online Marketing Efforts Back on Track

By Brian Bluff Over the past 18 months we have audited the online marketing efforts of over 175 distributors and manufacturers. For the most part, these companies are in the same boat – digital marketing has become more difficult than a single person or skill set can handle and the company doesn’t have a plan. […]

Collaborating to Get The Job Done

By Steve Guglielmo
MHEDA dealers and suppliers work together to solve the customer’s issue

Hack-Proof Your Company’s Social Media

Protect your social media sites from hackers By Ryan Holmes On Monday, Feb. 18, Burger King woke up to one whopper of a social media problem. The company’s Twitter account had been hacked—its name changed to McDonalds and its background replaced with an image of Fish McBites. In the hour it took for officials to […]

MHEDA Suppliers Recognize Dealers of Distinction

MHEDA is proud to recognize its members who have been identified by their manufacturers and suppliers as dealers of distinction. MHEDA distributors are routinely ranked among the best in the world. The discount programs, education and networking opportunities, publications and more that the Association offers are valuable resources for material handling distributors. With MHEDA’s resources […]

What Does a Winning Sales Strategy Look Like in 2015?

By Ryan Estis The sales techniques that most small business owners and sellers relied upon ten (or even five) years ago have stopped working. Customers have changed. We’re living in the middle of a major market transformation. Sales are changing more right now than it has in the past 100 years. Today, selling is about […]

Never Drop Your Prices Again!

How to stop selling on price By Marc Wayshak I was recently at Lord & Taylor with a close friend of mine when she held up two pairs of high-heeled shoes. Both pairs were black, appeared similar and looked pretty to me. “What do you think each pair of shoes costs?” she asked. “Well, this […]

Innovative Solutions to Unique Challenges

By Steve Guglielmo
MHEDA’s 2015 Sales Success Stories

Omni-Channel Retailing

The trend toward regional distribution and same-day delivery By Dave Lodwig, Systems Manager, W&H Systems In the past, retailers built two types of distribution centers, one (or two) on the East and West coasts of the US to handle store fulfillment, and another to handle strictly e-commerce. These distribution centers were built to handle their […]

Personal/Professional Relationships

By Gary Moore When I entered industrial sales from an engineering background, I assumed if I just showed the customer the features, advantages and benefits of my product, they would get the point and buy from me with maybe just a little price negotiation. Even before Excel, I thought it was all about the spread […]