Thinking About What’s Important

By Scott Lee, 2016 MHEDA Chairman of the Board It’s just after 6:00 am on a Friday morning and I have my temporary “camp” set up in a corner booth in my local Panera. It’s my favorite part of the day! Everything always seems clearer and easier to wrap my mind around early in the […]

Material Handling – It’s Now a Woman’s Prerogative

By Mark Milovich, 2015 MHEDA President “One of these days Alice, ‘Boom’ right to the moon!” That was the memorable line Ralph Kramden would say to his wife, Alice, whenever she got the best of him on the TV show The Honeymooners. Our industry is predominantly male-dominated, but over the past several years we have […]

Recognizing and Celebrating Milestones and Achievements

By Mark Milovich, 2015 MHEDA President As is tradition, the 3rd Quarter issue of The MHEDA Journal focuses on celebrating the milestones and achievements our members have reached. Some of our members are recognizing their 1st anniversary with MHEDA, while others of us are celebrating many years, if not decades, with the Material Handling Equipment […]

Convention – 60 Years of Getting Together

By Mark Milovich, 2015 MHEDA President Sixty years ago, on May 16, 1955, roughly 60 distributors assembled at the Morrison Hotel in downtown Chicago for the first time as a trade association. The order of business for this first meeting was to elect a Board of Directors and establish the bylaws of the Material Handling […]

A Dream Come True

By Mark Milovich, 2015 MHEDA President It’s the usual hot and humid July day in Atlanta. I’m in the back of our shop area talking with one of our sales reps about an opportunity when I hear my secretary over our PA system say, “Mark, 3200 please!” which means I have a phone call holding. […]

Make MHEDA Part of your Value Proposition

By Scott Hennie, 2014 MHEDA President Are you the preferred supplier to all of your customers? Does being part of an industry association that promotes education, professionalism and best practices portray you in a better light to your customers and prospects? As a member of MHEDA, you have a great marketing and promotional tool to […]

Celebrate All Victories

By Scott Hennie, 2014 MHEDA President “Celebrate All Victories!” This is a practice we employ at Elite Supply Chain Solutions. The celebration can be a simple, but subtle, “Thank you,” for the efforts of an individual or team member. The “victory” can be an order won, a process improvement, or a personal achievement. This issue […]

Fostering the Next Generation of Superhero Leaders

By Scott Hennie, 2014 MHEDA President The theme for this year’s MHEDA Convention and Exhibitors’ Showcase is “Superhero Leadership.” The General Session speakers will focus on leadership topics including: decision making, employee engagement, planning based on economic outlooks and applying family dynamics to the workplace. The highlight will be Sal Giunta, this year’s keynote speaker. The […]

Celebrating the Past, Focusing on the Future

By Scott Hennie, 2014 MHEDA President I am humbled and privileged to serve as MHEDA’s 2014 President. This is a special year, MHEDA’s 60th anniversary, with many exciting and valuable programs planned to help you grow and enhance your business. Our 2014 Convention theme is “Superhero Leadership.” This is a fun spin on an important […]

Extraordinary Service

By Jerry Weidmann, 2013 MHEDA President  MHEDA is committed to making its distributor members the most effective and efficient conduit to the marketplace for their manufacturers. In this issue, a number of articles celebrate the success of distributor/manufacturer partnerships in serving customers. The market is changing, but in the end it takes quality distributors and […]