Help Your Neighbor Grow Good Corn

By Liz Richards, MHEDA CEO Last October I was invited to attend a Kion dealer meeting (thank you to Vincent Halma and the Kion team!) and while I was there, I was able to talk with many MHEDA members as well as with a few distributors who are not currently members.  One of the questions we […]

A Collaborative Effort

By Liz Richards, MHEDA Executive Vice President On July 30 I found out I am “Jimmy.” No, I haven’t changed my name or my gender but I did learn about my collaborative behavioral style which basically equates to Jimmy Buffet. I’m okay with that! MHEDA’s Emerging Leaders Conference took place on July 30th and while […]

The Game Changing Generation

By Liz Richards, MHEDA Executive Vice President For those of you who attended MHEDA’s 2015 Convention, you know our theme “Culture that Rocks” related to how you can and should modify your culture to support all the various generations within your workplace, Baby Boomers, Gen X-ers and the Millennials. I just read a really interesting […]

The Fine Print

By Liz Richards, MHEDA Executive Vice President My husband and I recently subscribed to Netflix and have been binge watching the series House of Cards. Although the main character, Francis Underwood, is utterly deplorable, some of his remarks are so insightful. On one of the episodes we recently watched he said, “Pay attention to the […]

Successful Businesses Have a Shared Mindset

By Liz Richards, MHEDA Executive Vice President We are all so excited to kick off the year with the theme “Culture that Rocks” and really hope to see you at the MHEDA Convention this April in the beautiful San Antonio Hill Country. Several board members suggested we consider the JW Marriott for this year’s conference […]

Top Five Moments From a Memorable Year

By Liz Richards, MHEDA Executive Vice President I always enjoy receiving copies of our members’ newsletters and hearing how and what you are communicating to your associates and your customers. One newsletter I particularly like reading is the “Uplifter” by MHEDA Member Riekes Equipment Company. In their July-August issue, the dealer principal, Duncan Murphy, suggests […]

Women Leaving Their Mark

By Liz Richards, MHEDA Executive Vice President My husband and I recently had lunch at a local restaurant and were served by a gracious young woman. She made a comment which led us to believe she was the owner and when we asked her she replied, “No, I just care.” Wow! What a great response. […]

Things To Look Forward To: Orlando and Beyond!

By Liz Richards, MHEDA Executive Vice President As I am writing my column, the snow is falling here in the Chicago ‘burbs and we are all dreaming about spending time in Orlando for MHEDA’s Convention! Of course there’s a lot to do between now and then, but we are most definitely “thinking Spring!” A lot of […]

MHEDA: 60 Years of Making Goods and Cash Flow

By Liz Richards, MHEDA Executive Vice President When someone asks you “what do you do?” and you try to explain your role in the material handling industry, do you ever struggle with the explanation? Do you find yourself resorting to a description based on the specific equipment and technologies you sell, service or manufacture, versus […]

The Value of Partners

By Liz Richards, Executive Vice President, MHEDA Each year, MHEDA profiles Sales Success Stories in the pages of the fourth quarter issue. Since MHEDA’s founding in 1954 and for many years prior, distributors and their supplier partners have been working together to serve the customer by solving problems, offering solutions and achieving “sales success.” Although […]