MHEDA’s 2016 Board of Directors and Manufacturers Board of Advisors (MBOA)

This year’s MHEDA Convention theme is “Passion With Purpose.” The 2016 Convention will be held in National Harbor, Maryland, just a stone’s throw from our nation’s capital. With that in mind, we asked MHEDA’s Board of Directors and MBOA members what they are passionate about in material handling. We also asked them who is on […]

A Matter of Perspective

By Steve Guglielmo The First Quarter Issue is always really interesting to put together and read. I first started writing for The MHEDA Journal in the First Quarter 2010 when the industry was still neck-deep in the recession. Then, 6 or 7 percent growth would have warranted a parade. But this year, in speaking with […]

Help Your Neighbor Grow Good Corn

By Liz Richards, MHEDA CEO Last October I was invited to attend a Kion dealer meeting (thank you to Vincent Halma and the Kion team!) and while I was there, I was able to talk with many MHEDA members as well as with a few distributors who are not currently members.  One of the questions we […]

Thinking About What’s Important

By Scott Lee, 2016 MHEDA Chairman of the Board It’s just after 6:00 am on a Friday morning and I have my temporary “camp” set up in a corner booth in my local Panera. It’s my favorite part of the day! Everything always seems clearer and easier to wrap my mind around early in the […]

Promoting Social Responsibility and Corporate Consciousness

“Members must create a culture that recognizes and blends generational differences. It is imperative to understand the millennial’s desire for corporate consciousness and how this will impact their willingness to stay in place long term. What is your company doing to promote social responsibility and corporate consciousness?  How critical is this to your organizational culture?” […]

Learning the Important Lessons

By Steve Guglielmo Learning is always something that interested me. I’m fascinated to hear what “learning style” people prefer (for me, I’m definitely a visual learner) and to hear about important lessons that people learned along the way. At the Emerging Leaders Conference that MHEDA and MHI hosted in Chicago on July 30, I had […]

A Collaborative Effort

By Liz Richards, MHEDA Executive Vice President On July 30 I found out I am “Jimmy.” No, I haven’t changed my name or my gender but I did learn about my collaborative behavioral style which basically equates to Jimmy Buffet. I’m okay with that! MHEDA’s Emerging Leaders Conference took place on July 30th and while […]

Material Handling – It’s Now a Woman’s Prerogative

By Mark Milovich, 2015 MHEDA President “One of these days Alice, ‘Boom’ right to the moon!” That was the memorable line Ralph Kramden would say to his wife, Alice, whenever she got the best of him on the TV show The Honeymooners. Our industry is predominantly male-dominated, but over the past several years we have […]

An Interactive Experience

GTCC gives students a hands-on introduction to Logistics By Steve Guglielmo Difficulty attracting young, skilled labor is a plight that all MHEDA members are familiar with. MHEDA’s 4th Critical Impact Factor for 2015 states, “The industry is facing a shortage of skilled labor and this trend will continue as existing employees retire. Additionally, skill sets […]

MHEDA Remembers Howard Bernstein

We celebrate the life and legacy of Howard Bernstein, who was a pioneer in material handling, a staunch supporter of MHEDA and a tireless advocate for the industry. Howard opened The Atlas Companies in 1951 and served as CEO until 2011, when he stepped down at the age of 88 to focus on his foundation. […]