Turning Sales into Profit

Takeaways from MHEDA’s DiSC Report By Al Bates Every analysis of distributor profitability comes to the same conclusions: Three key factors drive profitability. Those factors are (1) the ability to increase sales a little faster than inflation, (2) the ability to maintain an adequate gross margin in the face of competitive pressures and (3) maintaining […]

Howard Bernstein and MHEDA

60 Years of Superhero Leadership By Chris Powers This year’s MHEDA Convention theme is “Superhero Leadership.” No one exemplifies that spirit more than industry legend Howard Bernstein, founder and longtime CEO of The Atlas Companies in Schiller Park, Ill. After starting his company in 1951, Bernstein remained at the helm until stepping down in 2011 […]

MHEDA: 60 Years of Moving Members Forward

Association evolves over six decades to consistently deliver progressive, relevant programs to meet member needs. By Chris Powers The Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA) of today is a thriving association of more than 600 members representing the finest distributors, suppliers, factory-owned branches and manufacturers’ representatives in the material handling industry. The association holds an […]

A Truck . . . is a Truck!! . . . is a Truck??

For forklift dealers, there is a fine line between asset and liability when it comes to used lift trucks. Making this distinction is key for the success of any forklift dealer. By Howard Bernstein.

The Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association 1954 – 2004

The Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association was formed in 1954 as a place for distributors of material handling equipment to network and further causes important to their industry.

Industry History: Pallets

Pallets are one of the most fundamental pieces of warehouse equipment that the material handling industry manufactures, with over 2 billion pallets in use across America.

Forklifts — Backbone Of The Industry

The lift truck has undergone a massive evolution over the course of history.

Moving, Lifting, Going Through

General Lines equipment has evolved as the demand for increased productivity, lean operations and high-efficiency warehousing has increased.

Have we ignored our after-market too long?

In 1982 aftermarket was an oft-ignored aspect of material handling sales. However, throughout history, as material handling evolved, aftermarket sales have become crucial. By John R. Walker.

Automated Storage, Retrieval Systems Picked As Industry’s Rising Stars

In 1985 MHEDA predicted that automated storage, retrieval systems would revolutionize the way the material handling and storage and handling industries did business.