49 Employee Engagement Ideas

As important as it is to work towards improving your organization’s levels of employee engagement, there’s not getting around the fact that it can be rather difficult. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Read 49 tips for keeping your employees engaged by clicking here.

Getting the Most Out of an Internship Program

By Steve Guglielmo
Designing an internship that mutually benefits the student and the company

Succession Planning

Twists and Turns By Jim Wilson, Principal Consultant, The McDonald Group, Inc. The subject of succession planning has bubbled up to the top of many people’s list because of the emergence of a large group of baby boomers, and those five to ten years behind whose thought and planning have turned toward retirement. A relatively […]

The Other Competitive Advantage

By Brant Menswar, ELC Speaker As a young leader in the manufacturing arena, you recognize the need for a detailed and well-defined process. It is the very nature of your business. In fact, the better your process, the more often it becomes the competitive advantage that separates you from the pack. We feel the same […]

How to Talk to Someone Significantly Younger or Less Experienced Than You

By Jeff Havens, ELC Presenter Alas, you probably work with people a whole lot younger than you are. Your company, in its depressingly finite wisdom, gave these children a chance to play at being grown-ups. They haven’t been working for very long – a couple years maybe, possibly even less – and their inexperience offends […]

Happy Anniversary!

MHEDA Congratulates the following companies, each of whom is celebrating a milestone anniversary in 2015. 185th Anniversary – Established in 1830 Fairbanks Scales, Supplier, Kansas City, MO   130th Anniversary – Established in 1885 Colson Group USA, Supplier, St. Joseph, MI   125th Anniversary – Established in1890 Southworth Products, Supplier, Portland, ME   115th Anniversary […]

The Shift: A Force of Change in the New World of Work

By Seth Mattison At FutureSight Labs we spend a lot of time thinking about the future of work and relationships. The people stuff that keeps leaders awake at night. One of the ways we keep a close pulse on these fronts is by talking to those in the trenches. Each year we conduct 250+ one […]

Rock Stars Create Unique Experiences

Enhancing your value proposition By Jim Knight I’ve never been a big fan of mediocrity. Not in society and certainly not in any portion of my life. Yet, I see it everywhere. No matter where I go—in retail, auto repair, healthcare and even hospitality—I constantly experience blah interactions with businesses. So many companies are just […]

The Benefits and Hazards of Working in a Family Business

Having it both ways – a successful business and a happy family By Buddy Smith In 1989, my father gained ownership of Carolina Material Handling Services. At the time, I was working in the banking industry and within a few months he approached me and asked if I would join him and my brother in […]

Shepherding In a New Era

Quality Lift Trucks undergoes a major succession and transition plan By Steve Guglielmo Quality Lift Trucks was founded in 1978 on the principles of quality, integrity, service and commitment to its customers. The forklift dealership has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 36 years, expanding to include operations in Chula Vista and San […]